Our Story


20374807_325877037864727_2918354123022669928_nMeet Tori Ciardiello, Founder

Tori was first introduced to the wonderful world of kombucha in 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii while interning at a sustainable community. She was inspired by a local kava & kombucha bar, and was hooked on kombucha when she arrived back home to New York. She wanted to continue reaping the health benefits such as the probiotics, antioxidants and detoxification properties found in kombucha, as well as introduce others to the drink that she was so passionate about. 

Tori began to brew her own kombucha in small batches, using organic cane sugar, organic tea, filtered water, and quality flavoring ingredients such as fruits, herbs, and spices. Now, she brews the kombucha the same way, but has given it a name to share with others, we are Kombucha Wonderland… A Mad Fermented Tea Party!